A Special Place For You

A Women's Only Day Spa!

We believe you deserve the best natural treatments to keep your mind, body & spirit in perfect harmony!

Our small range of specialized services for women only makes us a more personal and peaceful place to go whether  for a relaxing massage or an informative  workshop. Our mission is simple: keeping you as healthy and happy as you can be.


Specialized Treatments

At Divine Time Wellness Centre & Spa, our number one priority is YOU!

We strive to provide you with the best experience to help guide you on the path to wellness. Our specialized range of treatments are perfect to escape the busy environment of the world around you. 

Young Living

We offer a unique range of treatments using certified Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Our specialized Raindrop Treatment, Vitaflex Massage, and Meditation Therapy in our AromaDome all use essential oils to help guide you along a multi-sensory path to wellness.

Divine Time Wellness Centre & Spa is a certified distributor of Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils.


At Divine Time Wellness Centre & Spa, we are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to fall in love with natural health. It is my desire to see everyone live the healthiest versions of themselves.  You can check out my website to learn more at Divine Time Essential Oils.

Special Occasion

We offer special services for you on your big day!

At Divine Time Wellness Centre & Spa, we allow you to design your own unique spa experience on your special day! Whether it be a bridal party, or simply a group of friends - we strive to make your event special and unforgettable! 

151 Hamilton Regional Rd 8, Hamilton, ON L9H 5E1

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